iWallet FAQ

Mobile Check Upload FAQ

Q: How does mobile check improve cash flow?
A: Enjoy quick access to funds in as little as two(on approved accounts) to three business days

Q: Is getting authorization easy?
A: Quickly debit consumer checking accounts after receiving a check

Q: What about banking fees?
A: Banking fees and paper check handling costs are virtually eliminated

Q: Can multiple techs deposit remotely from their individual phones/tablets?
A: Mobile check is supported from multiple locations and users

Q: Can it recover checks simply?
A: Automatic notification of non-sufficient funds items and automatic resubmission

Q: Do I need to create a new account for funding?
A: Funds are conveniently and electronically deposited into your existing bank account (no separate account required)

Q: Do I have payment protection?
A: Process checks risk free with optional Check Guarantee protection

Q: Does mobile check have fraud detection?
A: Free fraud detection service instantly verifies consumer checking accounts before completing the transaction

Q: Is it simple to use
A: NoIntuitive web-based or app-based user interface

Q: How does it work?

  1. Consumers write your business a check to electronically debit their checking account.
  2. Transaction information is uploaded to the processor through a variety of options including web-based virtual terminals, android or ios app.
  3. Once transmitted, payment will be electronically debited from the customer’s checking account.
  4. Once the transaction clears, funds will be electronically deposited into your business bank account within 2-3 business days (contact us for expedited funding).