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How does iWallet work

Customers pay via their phones by scanning the QR code with their camera. The merchant can show the code on a screen or print on paper. Best part is it doesn't require any hardware or set up costs!

ACH bank transfer is free both to merchants and to consumers! However if customers choose to pay by credit card to get their reward points, we pass on the 3½ percent processing fee to them.

iWallet can potentially reduce fraud because it uses AI ML Technology. Using QR codes to captures your customer’s signature in a safe manor, AI makes it possible to detect fraud in real-time versus having to wait weeks when chargebacks start coming in.

Why you need iWallet

COVID-19 has created challenges for merchants to be CDC compliant while avoiding unnecessary business expenses to reopen.

iWallet is a secure QR code payment processing tool to help simplify your business when its not business as usual. A contactless way to take payments and make customers feel safe.

Do you want to get paid securely, you can with iWallet! No more dip, swipe, or tab! QR code touchless payment processing app is easy to download, takes seconds to use, and keeps your employees and customers safe from germs.

A post COVID way to get paid! All you need is your phone, iWallet takes care of the rest.

Why iWallet is better

We invented iWallet because we understand COVID has created challenges for small businesses and independent service providers that many times operate with thin margins.

iWallet touchless payments may be the new normal for payment processing.

No more processing expenses. No equipment to purchase. And forget about paper statements or chargeback fees. iWallet is the safest way to accept payments!

COVID has disrupted the world and is forcing everyone to make changes. The sooner you adapt, the better equipped you will be. With bank level security, rest assure touch free payments has never been safer. The only thing you need to touch is your own phone.

Why consumers will love it

The panic of COVID has disrupted the world leaving consumers looking for ways to eliminate or minimize contact.

With iWallet all they need is a mobile phone and the payment technology is at their fingertips.

Using the payment app takes the worry away because it keep your customer's data secure. The app is safe to use because it requires authentication preventing cyber thieves from accessing personal data.

No credit cards to hand over, no germy pens to sign the bill, and no worrying about leaving cards behind. iWallet payment processing is more convenient than using a credit card or carrying cash.