Tap to Pay is the Most Secure Way to
Accept Contactless Payments

Contactless payments with an Android or iPhone is the fastest and safest way to process
payments in the field. A quick tap on the contactless symbol shares the encrypted information
with contactless-enabled cards, mobile phones, or wearable devices.

Security benefits:

Two-factor authentication uses face ID or a PIN which requires additional identity verification.

Card processing does not include sensitive personal data.

Each transaction uses tokenization in place of credit or bank information.

Unique encryption protects personal and credit card information.

Merchant advantages:

Helps alleviate fraudulent disputes as transactions are identified as "Card Present".

Safer than magnetic strip or chip cards which are susceptible to fraud.

Consumer demand is moving to digital wallets.

Contactless payments keeps employees and customers safe from germs.

RFID cards transmits a one-time code to reader which identifies each transaction.

No extra cost to process payments.