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iWallet knows how hard it is to survive as a small business. Credit card processing fees are insane. On the other hand, we also understand how much simpler life would be if you never had to worry about money or credit cards ever again. By merging those two, we’ve created the online app, iWallet. Today we’re offering a promo in return for a review of our product! If you have never signed up for iWallet before, now is your chance! We are offering a limited-time promo that will give new users a $20 credit on their accounts. Our web-based app allows users to transfer and receive money with ease. In exchange, we want a real and authentic review of what you like and don’t like about our product. Take up our promo and join our web-based app so that you can be the first to review it tod

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Review for Promo: Why should you try iWallet?

  • Simple to use app interface right on your phone with no downloading.
  • Shops using iWallet will get up to $10 million in free processing a year
  • Consumers using it never have to worry about credit cards or large wallets again.
  • Pay from the phone with ease for quick and easy transactions
  • $20 promo for first-time users, who hates free money?
  • Our reviews are used and read. We listen and want to improve to serve our customers!
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